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Chocolate Brownie

Delicious Chocolate Brownie

J and J Kitchen are a Harrogate based outside catering business, established two years ago. We work from home and are proud to have been awarded 5 stars for the national “scores on the doors” system of food safety. We have many years experience in the hospitality industry.

We provide catering services for both private events, including birthday parties, weddings, christenings and funerals, and for businesses, including working lunches, special events, launches and promotions.

Apart from our lovely home made food, what sets us apart from other outside catering services is that we can use our extensive experience to help manage your event on the day, freeing you to enjoy your guests and reduce any stress you may be feeling. We are also more than happy to offer advice as and when needed.

Chocolate Brownie

Delicious Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie

Fresh Crudites With Dips

Fresh Crudités With Dips

We know how important your event is to you and we will always do our best to give you perfect, friendly and efficient service every time.

Once you have let us know your requirements and chosen your menu, you will have nothing else to worry about; we will keep you informed in a timely manner to reassure you that all is well.

J and J Kitchen have created classic and contemporary menus to choose from; we provide canapés, finger and fork buffets, salads, sandwiches, desserts and cakes.

Almost all of our dishes are homemade in our own kitchen from the very beginning to the very end, ensuring freshness, purity of ingredients and good quality.

The very few items that are bought in are carefully selected for quality and freshness

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Here is some labneh which I very simply and easily made overnight. It is a thickened yogurt, which happens when it is left to strain through some muslin and a sieve into a bowl for some hours. The more straining, the thicker the yogurt, until it becomes cheese - like (if that is how you would like it). it's really lovely either way.......

With the addition of some chopped parsley, lemon zest, pistachios and sumac it makes a perfect summer dip!

Other news, I am mid way through making some more dishes which look very delicious - all dishes on my menus are tried and tested first, just in case they are actually not quite as delicious as I think they will be (!!) and also so that I can make any additions and alterations I thnk would benefit the end product. 


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Fresh Crudites With Dips